A journey toward wisdom

Dave Jenks is a seeker. He has been driven by curiosity. As a researcher, teacher, author and leader, he has deeply investigated many aspects of life. He has become a respected thought leader. Those who have worked with, been taught by and gained from Dave, comment on the wisdom and truthfulness of his insights.


Seeker Podcast

In this SEEKER podcast series, Dave share’s this wisdom with us. What he has to say is both provocative and informative. It brings clarity to the issues that confront us, confuse us and sometimes overwhelm us.

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Gain clarity and wisdom

From science to religion, from psychology to politics, from ethics to economics, he teaches us how to think – not what to think. He gives us the basic foundations and overall perspectives that will enable our own seeker journey toward wisdom.


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Seeker Wisdom

We're excited you have chosen to join us on this journey. Seeking wisdom in your life and continuing to learn.